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First Impressions - Are they attracting your ideal clients, or are they pushing them away?

Recently I was reading a survey on the State Of The Mobile Experience. It was about phone calls. It stated that 74% of callers were more likely to take their business elsewhere after a bad phone experience. Of those people, 38% were like to leave a bad review online. 80% of callers, in general, were likely to become repeat customers after a good phone experience.

It started me thinking about that first impression, and how important these first impression truly are, so when you answer your phone, and you're talking to a prospect or a client, how do you sound? Do you sound excited and interested in what that person has to say, or do you sound bored and uninterested?

Are you knowledgable about your products and services? Do you know your script inside and out, so that you can communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively and clearly, or do you leave it all to chance?

That first impression can mean the difference between success and failure.


How about other first impressions? How do you dress? How do you carry yourself? How do you speak? What does your website look like? What do you post on social media? Are those first impressions attracting your ideal clients, or are they pushing them away? Is it making them feel confident about doing business with you, or is it making them question whether or not you would be a good fit for them?

About four years ago there was a dry cleaner that opened up around the corner from me. I went into the dry cleaner, and I met the owner. The first impression I got from the owner was that he was a jerk. I didn't like him. It was a very bad first impression. I decided to take my business elsewhere.

I now go to a dry cleaner that is about a mile away from me. The first time I walked into that dry cleaner, the owner greeted me with a smile, and she looked genuinely happy about having a new customer. I've now been going to that dry cleaner for four years. This is four years of business that first dry cleaner could've had if they had given a good first impression. It tells you a lot about how valuable that first impression can be.

What about your first impressions? Are you attracting your ideal clients, or are you pushing them away?

(About the Author: Lou Serrano travels the world as a corporate entertainer, speaker, and coach, and is striving to make a good first impression with you.)