What Would You Do If You Won $86,400?

Imagine you just won a prize, and every single day your bank deposits exactly $86,400 into your bank account for you to spend however you wish. But there are two stipulations. First, you have to spend all the money by the end of the day, or you lose it. You can't transfer it to another account. You can't save it for a rainy day. You either spend the money or you lose it. The second stipulation is that the bank can decide to stop making those deposits anytime it chooses. Until that time comes, the bank will continue to deposit exactly $86,400. What would you do with the money?


The truth is we already have an account that is similar, because every single day we all have exactly 86,400 seconds to our day, and if we choose to not spend that time wisely, we can't roll over that time to the next day, and we can't transfer it to another account. We either use it or lose it.

We often think that if we just had a few more hours we could accomplish more in our day. yet there other people who accomplish ten times as much as we do in the exact same amount of time. So what is stopping us? How will you use your time? Will you let that time waste away, or will we use it to accomplish your goals and live your dreams?

(About the author: Lou Serrano is professional entertainer, keynote speaker, and business consultant to other small business owners. He is dedicated to helping others achieve the success they truly desire.)