The #1 Mistake Magicians Make In Building Their Business - And How To Fix it.

In my opinion, the number one mistake magicians, entertainers, and other small business owners make is failing to keep in touch with our customers. Every year over half of my business comes from repeat clientele. These are people that hire me year after year, and they are pre-sold on my services, but the one thing we have to remember is that our customers do not buy from us when we want them to buy. They don't buy from us when we are in need of cash flow. Instead, they buy from us when they want to buy. They hire us when they are in need of our services.

So how do we know when they are in need of our services? We really don't. So it is our job to stay in touch with our customers. We can do that in a variety of different ways. We can send out monthly postcards and newsletters. Our newsletters can be sent through email or regular mail (I recommend doing both). If you are on a limited budget, you can start a blog and direct your customers to your blog. The best part is a blog costs nothing, It is free.

The most important point is to stay in touch with your clientele, so when they are in need of your services they know to call you and not your competition. If you follow this one tip, you will notice that over the years yours business will grow exponentially. If you want to know all the different ways I stay in touch with my clients, please check out

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