Embrace The Fear

Lou Serrano interview I received a phone call a week ago to perform on The Kennedy Administration podcast. I would have the opportunity to perform an eight-minute set of magic followed by an eight-minute interview.

I had never heard of this podcast, so I did a little research. The podcast is shot in front of a live audience of about 80 people in a nightclub in the heart of Los Angeles, and I figured it would be an interesting experience.

As I got closer to the date, I wanted to cancel. It was a date that didn’t pay, and the only thing I’d get out of it was exposure, but the exposure I’d receive wouldn’t be for my target audience. I perform primarily for high-end social and corporate events. This podcast is geared towards a younger generation of “hipsters”, and I‘m much too old to qualify as a “hipster”.

The one thing I was interested in doing was the interview. I don’t do many interviews. I figured the only way to get good at being a good interviewee is to do lots of interviews, so it would be a good experience for me.

As I was contemplating whether or not to cancel, I remembered something I had read in Scott Ginsberg’s book, Make A Name For Yourself. I’ve included an excerpt below.


Break your patterns. Every day.

This isn’t just about creativity. It’s about doing cool stuff. It’s about not becoming a slave to routine. It’s about spicing up your day, even in the slightest way. It’s about enriching your life.

Breaking your patterns (daily) is healthy because:

1. It’s fun 2. It forces you to think on your feet 3. It stimulates your creativity 4. It gives you new choices 5. It forces you to be more mindful of your surroundings 6. It makes life more interesting 7. It creates cool experiences 8. It shows your vulnerability, and in turn, authenticity

-Scott Ginsberg

---- With this in mind, I embraced the opportunity. but as I pulled up to this seedy little club in a sketchy part of town sandwiched between a hairstyling academy and a pot dispensary, I began to have second thoughts.

The club itself was dark. On one side of the room there was a small stage with band equipment. The rest of the room was filled with folding chairs. There was a second room with a bar and sofas for lounging. The audience was comprised of an equal balance of men and women in their 20s and 30s.

Right before show time the room filled to capacity, and the show started promptly at 10 p.m. Jack Kennedy and his band The Administration started the show with some upbeat music, and got the crowd in the mood for an eclectic show.

I was the last of three guests. The first two guests were comedians, Sean O’Connor and April Richardson. Both are very funny and talented, and gave interesting interviews.

As I was waiting to go on, I became very anxious and my body was overcome with fear. The fear of bombing. The fear of stepping outside my comfort zone. The next thing I knew I was getting introduced, and I was on. The next sixteen minutes flew by, and the best part is... I had the time of my life!

All this to say...

Embrace the fear, step out of your comfort zone, break your patterns, create interesting experiences, create interesting stories to tell, spice up your day, enrich your life, have fun, laugh, live, love, and become a more interesting person in the process.

To your success!

Lou Serrano

Los Angeles magician, Corporate Entertainment Specialist, and Keynote Business Speaker