The Secret To Commanding Higher Fees

Today I'm going to share with you the number one secret for commanding higher fees for your products and services, but before I do that I will have to assume three things. First, I'm going to assume you have a product or service that delivers value for your customers. I'm also going to assume that you have all your marketing materials and systems in place, and the third thing I'm going to assume is that you've positioned yourself as the number one solution for the problems and concerns that are facing your customers. That is a lot to assume, but let's ay you have all three things in place.

Here is the number one secret. Ask for what you want. Successful people are askers. Because they ask for more, they receive more. Throughout my entire career I've always asked people who are more successful than myself for help with my business. I ask for more, so I receive more. If you want to receive more compensation for your services, ask for it.

When people call me and ask if I can perform at their event, I first share with them the value I can provide for them, and then I quote my fee. I don't apologize for the fee I quote. I just quote the fee. That doesn't mean I get it every single time, but it provides a starting point from which I can negotiate. You can always go down in price, but you can never go up. My suggestion is if you feel you deserve higher compensation for your services, then ask for it.

I know certain entertainers and speaker who I believe aren't as talented as I am, who's marketing materials aren't as good as mine, who I don't think position themselves as well in the market place, yet they consistently make more money than I do. Why? Because they ask for the higher fee. Quite simple isn't it? If you want to receive more, ask for more.

As I tell more most of my coaching clients, it takes courage to take a stand for yourself. If you're not willing to do it, who will?

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To your success!

Lou Serrano Los Angeles Magician, Corporate Entertainment Specialist, and Business Speaker