To Be.. You Must Do

Who am I being? A question I must ask myself every morning when I wake up. I'm a magician, a business speaker, internet marketer, and business consultant. But if I really am all these things, then what am I doing? It isn't enough to just SAY I am these things. In order to BE, I must DO. It's an illness that plagues us all. Not being who we say we are. A painting doesn't paint itself. An artist must sit and put paint to canvas. Brushstroke after brushstroke until the painting is complete. An artist can't just begin painting after painting without ever completing one and still call himself an artist. To call oneself an artist, a person must create art.

For me to be a magician, I must create magic in the minds of my audience. Without an audience, there is no magic. To be a business speaker, I must get in front of a group of people and speak. To be an internet marketer, I must create all the necessary components of business and sell, and to be a business consultant I must consult with business owners and share information to help them grow their businesses. In order to BE these things, I must DO, and it's important to do these things every single day.

So who are YOU being today? In order to be, you must do. If you aren't doing, you aren't being.

Lou Serrano

Los Angeles Magician Business Speaker Corporate Entertainment Specialist