3 Reasons Why Testimonials Will Help Increase Your Business

Let me share with you a short, personal story. Years ago I was in the process of purchasing my first home. I interviewed several real estate agents, and they all seemed competent, professional, and pleasant. One of the agents that I met presented me with a binder that was filled with dozens of hand written and typed testimonial letters from previous clients. They all thanked the agent for the wonderful job he had done in helping them find their dream homes, and they were all incredibly happy with the entire sales process.

I read page after page. Each was a glowing review of the person sitting in front of me. After reading about a dozen or so letters, I realized this was the person I wanted representing me in my first home purchase. I’ve never forgotten the impact those letters had on me.

Testimonials accomplish three things.

1. Promote Credibility. Testimonials provide social proof that your products and services are as effective as you say. Instead of tooting your own horn, other people do it for you. Prospects are more inclined to believe what others say about you as opposed to what you have to say about yourself.

2. Build Trust. When customers with nothing to gain are saying wonderful things about your products and services, it decreases the level of skepticism surrounding your business. Knowing that others have had positive results in dealing with you, others feel a sense of security laying a foundation for trust.

3. Help Close The Deal. In the example I gave with the real estate agent, it was the plethora of testimonial letters that helped close the deal. Given a choice, customers want the best products and services they can afford. If past customers are raving about their experience in doing business with you, others won’t want to be left out.

One of the best ways to get a testimonial is to shoot a video of your customers immediately after they’ve done business with you. If you’ve delivered the goods, your customers will be happy to give you a raving review.

Testimonial videos can be much more compelling than a written or printed testimonial. The viewer will have an easier time identifying with the people in your video, which can enhance the effectiveness of the testimonial.

The video above was edited using iMovie. It’s a very simple editing job, but its quite effective. This video and others will be used in conjunction with text testimonials on my new website that is currently under construction.

To your success,

Los Angeles magician, Lou Serrano