Message to Market Match: A Conversation With A Customer

The accompanying video is rather silly, but it clearly exemplifies the problem of message to market match. For the sake of clarity let's break down this very simple concept.

Your message is what you share with your customers to persuade them to buy your products and services. Regardless of the media used, it's what your clients hear.

The market is your ideal client. It's your audience. It's the people who may have an interest in using your products and services.

If your message doesn't match your market, you will be spinning your wheels, working much harder to make a sale than if you attracted the perfect client with your message. Matching your message to your ideal client will enable you to work much more efficiently by simplifying the sales process.

For instance, if you are a children's magician, your ideal client would be a mom with a young child, with some disposable income to have a party. In this case, you would want to match your message to the wants and needs of a mother with a child having a birthday. You may want to advertise in a local parenting magazine to reach your ideal client, and create your advertising to speak directly to that person. You certainly wouldn't want to advertise that you also perform at trade shows, because a birthday party mom doesn't care. All she cares about is making sure her child has a great time.

On the other hand, if you're a corporate magician, you want your message to speak directly to the wants and needs of corporate event planners. You certainly don't want to include in your message that you also do bar mitzvahs, since a corporate event planner doesn't care.

The first things you have to do is clearly define who is your target audience. Who is your ideal client? Then create a message to speak directly to that person in a language they can relate to. Use the jargon commonly used in that market to connect with your audience.

Once you've defined your market and can clearly convey your message, you then want to get that message in front of the right people. The best way to exemplify this is to show you an example of what not to do.

If you do a Google search for "magic tricks for sale", you will see a bunch of ads from a bunch of different magicians. This search term is very specific, yet you will find everything from children's party magicians, to corporate magicians, to magicians for the stars advertising in this section. The message is being wasted on the wrong market. It's the wrong message for that particular audience. This is a message to market mismatch and only results in wasted advertising dollars.

Match your message to your ideal client and watch your sales soar!

As always, I welcome your comments.

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