Your Next Gig Might Just Be One Phone Call Away

What if I told you your next gig might just be one phone call away. Would you be willing to make that call?

The above video describes one simple technique that can book you one more gig and propel your business forward, but are you willing to take action and apply this technique?

Most people hate selling themselves, especially on the phone. I hate doing it myself, so instead of thinking of it as selling, I think of it as staying in touch with my customers and relating to them as one human being to another.

In all of my business relationships, I try to develop a rapport with the other person. I have a genuine care and concern for the person I'm dealing with and I always do my best to make sure that everyone involved comes out a winner in their interaction with me.

Keep in mind, that highly successful people are the ones that are willing to do the things others aren't willing to do. Yet, most of the actions that create breakthrough success take such little effort. Most people tend to think that success comes from taking one giant action, one enormous step to take a leap forward in business, when in actuality, it comes from taking small steps on a consistent basis.

It's the small steps that keep the momentum going, and it's the accumulation of all these steps that propel you forward making it seem as if you've taken one giant leap in achieving the success you desire for yourself.

As always, I welcome your comments.

To your success!

Los Angeles magician - Lou Serrano