Change Gears For Breakthrough Performance

I recently hit a plateau in my business and was unsure of what to do to get out of my slump. One of my clients gave me a wonderful piece of advice. He suggested I change gears. He compared his business to driving a stick shift car. You're cruising along in second gear and you want to go faster, so you step on the gas. Eventually you can't go any faster and you hit a plateau. The only way to go faster is to change gears.

The same is true of our business. We run our business in a certain way to grow our business, but eventually we all hit plateaus. It doesn't matter how hard we work, or how much more we do, we just can't seem to get past the plateau. The key is to change gears. We have to do something different. This is where the implementation of new ideas and strategies comes in. Sometimes we just need to shake things up.

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Los Angeles Magician - Lou Serrano