The Steel Ball Routine Reviewed in MAGIC Magazine

The January issue of MAGIC magazine featured a wonderful review of my product, The Steel Ball Routine. I've included an excerpt below. Steel Ball Routine

Learn a solid routine from one of the busiest professionals you've never heard of: Lou Serrano.

Reviewed by Jason England

Most readers have probably never heard the name Lou Serrano. He's a busy full-time professional who works out of the Los Angeles area. Unless you frequent The Magic Castle, you probably haven't seen him perform. That's a shame, because he's good - very good.

Unlike many modern magic products that were conceived on Monday, video recorded on Tuesday, edited Tuesday evening, and sold on Wednesday, Serrano's Steel Ball Routine has been in his working repertoire for years. It's a polished, professional piece that can be done in almost any setting. The performer places three one-inch steel ball bearings into his hand. One at a time, they  vanish completely and silently. They are then reproduced from the box in which they came. It's a beautiful, deceptive, and highly entertaining routine.

You receive most of the necessary tools to perform: the steel ball bearings, a template for the boxes used to hold the balls, and a special "something" used to assist you in one of the vanishes. The one item not included is easily made using items you almost certainly have around the house. In addition to the props, you receive a DVD teaching five effects, a companion DVD with some terrific insights and tips by Lou regarding performing the Steel Ball Routine, and a bonus report on maximizing your income performing close-up magic. As Lou is one of the busiest working pros in Southern California, this report is an especially nice bonus item.

The DVDs are well shot and professionally edited. You won't have any trouble learning any of the routines included. A quick note about the other routines, there are two card routines, a matrix routine, and a torn-and-restored tissue paper routine that are explained in detail...

To read the entire review, please pick up a copy of MAGIC.

The Steel Ball Routine is a professional close-up magic routine designed by a professional magician for professional magicians.